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Atomic Learning
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Welcome to IT4Educators!

  • IT4Educators is dedicated to bringing you relevant, classroom-applicable online courses at an affordable cost! All courses are created by teachers with many years of experience in the technology integration field.

Course categories

 Assessment With TechnologySummary
 Blogging for Teaching and Learning
 Digital Storytelling in the ClassroomSummary
 Document Cameras in the ClassroomSummary
 Flipping and Learning with GlogsterEDU
 Google Custom Search Discovered!
 Google Docs in EducationSummary
 Google Docs/Drive
 Inspiration® in the ClassroomSummary
 Internet Resources for EducatorsSummary
 Introduction to Web 2.0 in Education
 Mobile Devices in the Classroom
 Moodle Integration
 Multiple Intelligences and Technology in the ClassroomSummary
 PowerPoint for Teaching and LearningSummary
 SMART Notebook in the Classroom
 Teaching and Learning in the Flipped Classroom
 Technology Tools for EducatorsSummary
 Using Kidspiration in the Classroom Summary
 Using Technology to Implement Theme-Based ActivitiesSummary
 Children's Literature and the InternetSummary
 Effective Email Communication for Teaching & LearningSummary
 Google™ IntegrationSummary
 Microsoft Publisher in the ClassroomSummary
 OpenOffice in the ClassroomSummary
 Twitter in Education
 Young Adult Literature and the InternetSummary
1 Credit Courses 
 Integrating Health/Physical Education Web Resources in the ClassroomSummary
 Integrating Language Arts Web Resources in the ClassroomSummary
 Integrating Math Web Resources in the ClassroomSummary
 Integrating Science Web Resources in the ClassroomSummary
 Integrating Social Studies Web Resources in the Classroom Summary
 SMART Content Creation Session
Morningside Courses 
 Morningside Google Custom Search
 Morningside Mobile Devices
 Morningside Web 2.0
Moodle Users 
 American Literature
 Flora - Test Course (Elementary Reading)This course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrollment keySummary

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